Monday, February 07, 2011

Modern or Traditional?

Are you are modernist or a traditionalist when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts based on the number of years of marriage?

I used to be a traditionalist and followed the formula pretty closely:
  • Year 1 - Paper - Tickets to a classical music concert (I believe it was a Mahler symphony)
  • Year 2 - Cotton - Table cloth and table runner
  • Year 3 - Leather (ahem, let's not go there)
That is until we got to Year 4 - Fruits and Flowers.

In keeping with my habit of making inappropriate appointments for the day that marks our nuptials, I found myself sitting in the orthopaedic surgeon's office on our wedding anniversary discussing some long-running knee issues with the delightful surgeon. That evening, to cheer me up, my lovely husband took me out for a posh dinner.

So, I've gone thoroughly modern this year and ditched the Fruits and Flowers for knee surgery. Surely it is cheaper and less painful to just buy some diamonds.


G in Berlin said...

I'm afraid I'm so thoroughly modern that I forget to give presents at all. We do try to go out to dinner (a present to both of us) on one of the weekends around our anniversary.
And last year(our 8th) my in-laws gave us babysitting, so we gave ourselves Pompeii:-).
Sorry about the knee- hope all goes well.

Virginia said...

Hey, I have an idea, get JB to sub for YOU while you're laid up! HA That would be risky business but he owes your Helen! Best of luck with your surgery. Hope your good as new and will be out dancing with your hubby very soon.

Helen said...

@G - yeah, we do dinner as well, but I'll be storing the idea of POMPEII as an anniversary present for future use. That is awesome.

I've got high hopes for full recovery and a much happier knee.

@Virginia - Thanks for the good wishes, all is well so far and I'm hopeful of a great outcome. The idea of getting jb to sub for me is intriguing...but he's jetting off again soon, so unfortunately he won't have time.

Kate said...

What kind of knee surgery: arthroscopic or knee replacement? When? There's some interesting video on the internet, if you're interested. jb should be able to give you some helpful hints, and I bet you'll be more civil than he was!!

You'll heal quickly, and it isn't so bad!! I've had two on the same knee, and just recently had rotator cuff procedure, which was a bit more difficult. (Guess I"m falling apart...the Golden Years!)

See a good therapist and DO YOUR EXERCISES. After just 3 months, I've graduated from physical therapy for my shoulder and we'll be off to México in a month to celebrate.

Above all, let everyone express sympathy appropriately with presents, flowers, and candy. Take advantage of everyone!!

Good luck! Keep us informed!!

Helen said...

@Kate - it was a minor arthroscopic procedure to remove the 'medial shelf' that had developed scarring due to an injury about a year ago. The surgery was on Monday 8th Feb, and the surgeon said it all went well and that I should be back to 'normal' in around 2 weeks. My physiotherapist comes via a recommendation from jb, so I have high hopes. I fully intend to do all my exercises.

Congratulations on your recovery - shoulder surgery is tough. Enjoy Mexico - you deserve it after all your hard rehab work.

Thanks for your kind wishes.