Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zombie Blog

In a reckless and ill-considered act of necromancy (and let's face it, it rarely ends well), I've decided to dust off this blog and attempt to write something this year. Zombies are so 2010, aren't they? I wonder what will replace them in the zeitgeist of internetland in 2011?

Care to place a wager?

I've got an each way bet on something involving Kanye West's twitter feed, a small Marmoset and a controversial Disney remake of The Battleship Potemkin.


G in Berlin said...

Have you seen Josh Grobin singing Kanye West's Twitter feed? Very funny.
Dystopian futures is my bet for this year. Zombies and other paranatural creatures form a normal background to that.

Helen said...

@G in Berlin - I did...and I think it is just the beginning. I like your dystopian idea.